Try Us First!

The first step in figuring out if we’re a good fit to work together is for us to do an analysis of your situation and come back to you with our thoughts.

We have a way of doing that will save you lots of time and give you a unique view into how we work.

Below is a link to our CLIENT system. Yes, our actual client system. It means that you’ll be on the exact same system as our current clients. That will give you a feel for working with us before you agree to become a client. It’s a sort of try before you buy approach that allows you to get to know us better while we do our analysis.

This system will also automate the gathering of your financial information. Rather than gathering paper statements, it allows you to provide us the information electronically and automatically. It saves you time, and it will allow us to do our work and get back to you more quickly since the information will be automatically available to our analysis system.

From there, we can discuss solutions to any shortfalls or income gaps that may be present in your current plan.

If you become a client, this is the same system that will give you complete access to information about the money we’re managing and at the same time give you a complete picture of all of your money that is always up to date.

To access the system, click the “Let’s Get Started” button below. Then choose a username and password.

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