We manage investment portfolios for individuals and institutions who want to take a more proactive approach when investing in today’s stock market.

Unlike traditional brokerage firms where financial advisors fill a sales role by selling funds or stocks to fill in the various allocations (then tell clients to hold on for the long run), we center our process around adaptive and tactical investment strategies that are tailored to each individual client.


We base our investment decisions on the probabilities that certain market scenarios either will or won’t unfold, purely via real-time analyses of mathematical data from inside the markets – the place where we can actually quantify a one-to-one cause and effect on investments.

momentum investment manager

Our growth investment strategies exploit market trends that occur over multiple time frames – weeks, months and years – with momentum as the biggest input in identifying not only ‘big’ market trends, but also the relative-strength winners among the different asset classes we use.

Our strategy of no predictions + mathematical rule-sets for entering and exiting markets and assets works, far more often than it doesn’t – and that truism largely spares the investor the type of mental anguish that’s assured to be a constant companion with other, less-reliable methods.