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The past decade has been a bumpy ride for investors. Market crashes, Wall Street scandals, and a depressed economy have left investors shaken and unsure. As a result, investors have become disorganized, not sure who to trust, and have been lacking meaningful growth in their portfolios.

As an investor’s wealth grows, they typically become disorganized. Mutual fund accounts are held at various firms, stock and bonds holding held at another, and multiple 401k accounts may exist.

Our goal is to help get our clients get organized and proactively guide them through a life cycle of financial decisions as efficiently as possible.

Portfolio Managers First

Unlike traditional brokerage firms where financial advisors fill a sales role by selling funds or stocks to fill in the various allocations (then tell clients to hold on for the long run), we center our process around adaptive and tactical investment strategies that are tailored to each individual client.

Tactical Investment Methodology

One of Riverbend’s greatest strengths is adaptability.

Unlike mutual funds, our tactical investment models are not restricted by prospectus – a lengthy legal document which clarifies a mutual fund’s objective, investment strategy, etc. While this sounds like a useful document for investors, 70 years of regulatory red tape have hindered mutual fund managers and their ability to keep up with the markets.

This means that mutual funds are limited in their ability to react quickly to changing market conditions, whereas our models are able to move to cash or other safe-haven investments in times of market uncertainty.

Investment Strategy

Our implementation of a our investment strategy revolves around two primary objectives:

  • Identify Bull and Bear trends; and
  • Identify high-performance portfolio candidates.

Here is our primary tool for identifying major trends, called the Bull-Bear Indicator:

The job of the Bull-Bear Indicator is to determine when a new Bull Market or a new Bear Market has emerged. Once again, this is a measurement of ‘what is’, with no predictions or academic theories involved.

Our goal is to be defensive and protected in Bear Markets, and to be fully-invested during Bull Markets.

Riverbend’s second objective seeks to identify high-performance portfolio candidates:

Momentum, relative strength, rate-of-change, nearness-to-52-week-highs, and other measurements of performance characteristics, are all combined to produce rankings of portfolio candidates.

High-performers are selected, low-performers are discarded, and the whole process is repeated at regular intervals, usually quarterly. This process of continuous self-renewal is intended to capture the benefits of long-term winners, without being dragged-down by the unnecessary inclusion of under-performing sectors.

Combining these two tools gives us a simple-yet-complete strategy, providing guidance on when to be defensive and when to be offensive and, when we are offensive, how to construct high-performance portfolios.

Whether you are already retired, about to retire, or just planning for the future; we can analyze your plan for retirement and offer options to help you reach your goal. We fully understand that in order to create a stable income for all of your retirement requires a specific blend of current income and future growth.

Identify Future Income Gaps 

  • Inflation Impact On Current Financial Plan
  • Shortfall Amount
  • Project Age Of Shortfall (if any)

Overview Of Future Retirement Planning and Life Goals

  • Projections Of Future Financial Goals
  • Overlap Of Financial Goals
  • Inflation Impact On Goals vs Amount Needed

Probability Analysis Of Financial Plan

  • Future Projections Of Current Financial Plan
  • Probability Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Testing And Results

Organize | Trust | Grow


Make your money work smarter for you. Let us help you get financially organized and focused on what your goals are and what you need to do to reach them.


Riverbend is an independant, fee-only advisor. We are not beholden to any firm or set of investment products and operate in a fidiucary capacity for our clients.


Our investment models are tactical and adaptive to changing markets. We use our experience as portfolio managers to build smarter portfolios for our clients.