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What does it mean to “Sell in May and Go Away”?

Is this a worthwhile investing strategy? One of the oldest stock market strategies is to “Sell in May and Go Away”. But what does this phrase mean? Is there any historical reason for selling stocks in May and leaving the market? What are the risks? The Strategy “Sell in May [...]

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Set Goals as You Save & Invest

Goals give you focus. To find and establish your investing and saving goals, first ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Do you want to build an emergency fund? Build college savings for your child? Have a large retirement fund by age 60? Once you have a defined motivation, a [...]

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Money Habits That May Help You Become Wealthier

Financially speaking, what do some households do right?   Why do some households tread water financially while others make progress? Does it come down to habits? Sometimes the difference starts there. A household that prioritizes paying itself first may end up in much better financial shape in the long run [...]

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